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Wall Sawing

At Dynamic Sawing & Coring, LLC we use Hi-cycle electric wall saws, which means no fumes or hydraulic leaks to worry about. We use these track mounted saws to make precision cut concrete openings for stairs, doorways, egress windows, and ducting. Our wall saws can be mounted horizontally, vertically, and can even be mounted to cut angles other than 90 degrees in steel reinforced concrete up to 30 inches thick.

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is just one of the many advanced concrete cutting services offered at Dynamic Sawing & Coring, LLC. It is extremely useful when sawing or removing large or irregular shaped pieces of concrete such as columns or barriers. The possibilities when it comes to wire sawing concrete are endless. In addition to concrete cutting, wire sawing can also be used to saw large or irregular shaped steel structures as well. See if a wire saw is the right option for you by giving us a call.

Hand Sawing

Some applications call for saws that are portable or do not allow for the use of larger more powerful equipment, and that is where the handsaw comes into play. For these special situations Dynamic Sawing & Coring, LLC can utilize a variety of handheld concrete chainsaws, concrete ringsaws or circular blade saws. We have concrete saws that are capable of sawing concrete in standard or flushcut situations. Our highly skilled and advanced precision operators use these tools in addition to our more powerful equipment to complete your jobs safely and on schedule.

Slab Sawing

At Dynamic Sawing & Coring, LLC we saw every kind of flat work from exterior concrete roads and runways to interior concrete basement and shop floors. We have a hi horsepower diesel slab saw for exterior work such as cutting concrete and asphalt roadways as well as an electric and hydraulic saw for interior work like sawing plumbing trenches and drain tile. We also saw and widen concrete joints in concrete roadways and concrete slabs for sealing.


Concrete Core Drilling is just one of many services we offer at Dynamic Sawing & Coring, LLC. We have the ability to drill holes ranging from less than 1" up to 42" in diameter or larger and have many sizes readily on hand and others available by special order.
Some concrete drilling and sawing jobs require small diameter core bits while others require large diameter specialty core bits. For those unique situations we have unique solutions. At Dynamic Sawing & Coring, LLC we work with Contractors and Engineers to develop safe and efficient concrete core drilling solutions that save time and money.
Whether you need to core drill a hole for a dryer vent, sewer main, electrical conduit, or decoration Dynamic Sawing & Coring, LLC has the core drills and core bits to get the job done.

Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition is the perfect choice for demolition contractors when access by heavy equipment is limited or impossible. Robotic Demolition increases production and keeps employees safe from falling debris when demolishing filled block and concrete walls or suspended concrete structures. Our demolition robots operate on 3 phase electric power so there is no exhaust emissions to worry about. They also can climb stairs and fit through doorways as narrow as 32 inches to access those areas off limits to other heavy equipment. Every machine is equipped with a water dust suppression system to reduce the exposure to crystalline silica dust when performing demolition of concrete wall, floors, or other concrete structures. For job sites where noise is an issue during concrete demolition we can utilize a concrete crushing attachment to minimize noise disruption of surrounding areas. Our robots are not just limited to demolition, they can perform interior excavation and aid in clean up of debris as well.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar gives us the capability to prevent any unwanted destruction of any utilities that may be hiding inside the concrete. We can penetrate up to 18 inches into the concrete, and can detect rebar, electrical conduits, post-tension cables, voids, and much more. Think of our GPR as a concrete x-ray.